28 January 2016
Impacting Lives; One Coaching Clinic At A Time
Coaching Clinic by UPH Sport Department

The Yayasan Pelita Harapan has as its vision to use education as an instrument to bring transformation and redemption to both Indonesian and the world at large. This vision is a holistic vision founded upon the Word of God through True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character.

            The UPH Sport department is an integral part of this holistic vision to bring true reformation to Indonesia’s youth through the vehicle of sport, The Yayasan’s foundational vision is broad and encompasses the width of education, therefore The UPH sport department has taken the vision and incorporated a mission of three parts in order to give the sport department direction as we serve our student both within the classroom and on the field of physical, social, and emotional development. 1. Athletic Perfection (Excellence) 2.Process Oriented (Continual growth) 3.Eternal Perspective (Godly Purpose).

            Youth across the globe as well as here in Indonesia are under great pressure to live lives of compromise, quick fixes and worldly ideals. We see students coming to UPH with lack of direction, lack of Integrity and lack of Vision. As they enter UPH we as a community are called upon from all faculties, department and units to shape them, to mold them and to challenge them to change and grow. However, this task is far too large and years too late. Moreover, we are given the opportunity to reach only those students who attend UPH, while so many youth are either never reached or only given a small chance to truly flourish.

            Therefore, as an initiative of the UPH sport department we will expand our influence around Indonesia by creating a sport program/ youth ministry throughout cities from Jayapura to Medan. The idea is to be a source of Christian teaching coupled with excellent sport training by offering a youth outreach and basketball clinic for local youth in partnership with our yayasan schools. Our UPH coaches and student athletes will serve as our instructors and youth ministers to share the gospel as well as basketball skills (other sports also as opportunity arise) the program will focus on potential UPH students as a marketing outreach as well as a potential local high school marketing tool. The program will be designed on weekends throughout the school year, with a focused basketball camp held on the UPH basketball court during the third semester. The Eagles basketball camp will be an in-house weeklong camp in cooperation with all units here at UPH.

            May this program bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ as we serve him together in partnership.