28 January 2016
ISL Season 8: GAME ON!
What can we expect from the new season of ISL?

ISL season 8,


It is the 8th season of the ISL (Internal Sports League). We started with only 2 dedicated students managing the first season of ISL; now, the committee members have grown to 71 committed students from all over faculties, and for the next 7 month they will have to manage every aspects of ISL and engage with more than 1.000 participants, easily considered as the longest and biggest running event in UPH (just like this sentence).  The ISL committee is getting bigger every season so the expectations also increase. We have added two new branches of sports, Futsal and Swimming, and we put more attention on creating excitement that can be enjoyed by all facets of the UPH community.

So, what can the sport enthusiasts expect from this season? Well, if you missed the last season of ISL, here are some noteworthy highlights to help create excitements for the upcoming season

  1. Basketball: a half court buzzer beater done by Indra Dewangga from STTPH when playing against Food Tech in a thrilling game. The game was forced into overtime from the three pointers, but alas Indra’s heroic act cannot get STPPH on top of Food tech at the end. Nonetheless, the fans and crowd applauded the STPPH team for their efforts
  2.  Basketball: The rise of the Faculty of Medicine as one of the basketball powerhouse teams. Their first appearance in the final game playing against the Management last season showed an expeditious improvement as a team. Watch out, they are not slowing down this season.   
  3. Soccer: the final showdown between Law and Management, which ended up in an enthusing penalty shootout that resulted in Law being crowned as the champion.
  4. Soccer:  the historical win of Law team against the (then) unbeatable Teachers College. Before this game, Law never came out as a victor every time they met Teachers College.
  5.  Dodgeball a guy getting hit right in the face by a ball thrown by a girl (the name of the guy is not unveiled to protect his dignity; The girl name is also not revealed to avoid any male having fear in making an approach to her).

We still have a long list of ISL memorable moments, and you can definitely expect lots of new exciting moments to add into the list in this new season of ISL.  We hope that each and everyone who is involved in ISL-- as a player, as a team manager, as a fan, or as a committee member-- will treasure and cherish these unforgettable moments and memories together.

There will more entertainments, fun mini games, supporter based competitions, and also for sure, more competitive and quality games for everyone to enjoy. We play together, not only to win the ISL Grand Championship Title, but also to build a community that practices good sportsmanship.Therefore we say to you, GAME ON!