25 April 2016
Coach Met explains one of the 3 values of UPH Sport Department

The mission of our UPH Sport Department is threefold:

1. Athletic Perfection

2. Process Oriented

3. Eternal Perspective


So why “Athletic Perfection” the term was first introduced to me as I read a book by Wes Neal, titled: Athletic Perfection. What I took away from the book was simple: athletic perfection is the pursuit of excellence. Therefore we strive toward excellence, to be or best on any given day on the field of competition or on the practice field. We have added a desire to live a life of excellence, a day of personal best in giving what you have in all areas of life: The classroom, in a relationship, and most importantly in our commitment to Christ Jesus.

The how of  “Athletic Perfection” is the key to accomplishment; today as in each day – live it to its fullest, train, prepare, compete, study, learn, love and sacrifice for others as if it’s the only day you have. Because believe it or not, it is! We have the day in front of us and need to live fully in this moment striving to reach our highest good and highest goal. Today is the day in which the Lord has given. So live a day of “Athletic Perfection” hold nothing back and reap the reward of a day well lived for His glory and for your personnel’s good.