Eagles Muaythai Camp
Seeing the popularity and the benefit of Muaythai based exercise, for holistic health, in August 2013, UPH Sport Department,  in partnership with Golden Camp Muaythai, open Eagles Muaythai Camp ( EMC) on UPH campus. The main goal of EMC is to provide a muaythai based cardio activities for UPH students, staff, and community of all ages to enjoy. 

Eagles Muaythai Camp training program combines cardiovascular training,  H.I.I.T ( High Intensity Interval Training)  and  Muaythai based movement in an innovative variations of workout. This type of program will guarantee maximum calories burnt and tone your body. It’s a great, fun, and challenging workout options for people who want to attain ideal body figure and willing to put in the effort!                      

While the programs will definitely push you to the limit, it also gives you option to work out and exercise at your preferred skill, level, and pace

BENEFITS of Muaythai Training
  1. Weight lost - burn up to 1500 calories per session
  2. Body sculpt – toning your arms, legs, butt, and abs muscle
  3. Physical & Mental strength – push your physical and mental power to the limit
  4. Combat stress & build up confidence– Punch! Kick! De-stress!
  5. Meet and make friends with new people – train together and motivate each other!
  • BRONZE ; 4 training sessions – Rp 250K
  • SILVER ; 8 training sessions – Rp 375K
  • GOLD ;12 training sessions – RP 535K
  • GROUP ; 4 training sessions for 6 people or 6 training sessions for 4 people –RP 1000K
  • Pay per visit – 75K
Located at the tribun of soccer field, EMC workout facilities is one of the most  cool workout environment at UPH campus. You can feel the natural breeze of wind and green view of the soccer field during your workout. The energy and the excitement of the places is very high due to lots of actvities surround EMC. 
EMC also equipped with running track, multiple sand sacks, and various equipments to accomodate your workout needs. 
To accomodate your schedule, EMC provide five options of class schedule. To ensure that you got your class, please book your class in advanced 


  • Early Morning Session (by request)   08.00 - 10.00
  • First Session                                             10.00 - 12.00
  • Second Session                                        13.00 - 15.00
  • Third Session                                           16.00 - 18.00
  • Fourth Session                                         18.00 -20.00


  • Early Morning Session (by request)   08.00 - 10.00
  • First Session                                          10.00 - 12.00
  • Second Session                                      13.00 - 15.00
Some testimonials from EMC members
" I burned so much calories in every session. My endurances are significantly better after I join EMC program for almost 2 months. The trainers always see the capacity in me, if they think I can do better, they will push me to the limit. The price is very friendly. I do think however EMC need to consider the mosquito bites during the night session" Angel Fransiscus, UPH Alumni, Certified Financial Planner

"I keep coming back to train at EMC is because I felt the changes in my physical fitness and self esteem. I feel more energized, confident, fit, and less prone to illness. Before I joined the camp, I used to feel pain in my left knee, but it disappeared after a few training sessions of Muaythai training. I hadn’t thrown in the towel is because training in the camp is fun and challenging. I met lots of interesting people with different personalities" Clara Sianipar, UPH students  


"(Training at) Eagles Muaythai Camp has been a great experience so far. It is one which requires hard work and sweat, The instructors are super supportive and knowledgeable. After you recover from the intense training sessions, you really feel like you got your money's worth, in both cardio training and in knowledge of the art of Muaythai"  Tyler Thibault, UPH ITC students