I.    Eligibility


Only UPH Members are eligible to use the sports facilities. UPH Members refers to full time/part-time Staff, students and registered alumni (proven by Smart Card).


Non UPH Members are only eligible to use facilities if they register through UPH Faculty or Department as guest of the University (proven by Statement Letter from the department).


II.    General Conduct While Using Facilities


1.     Users must bring SMARTCARD or Statement Letter or temporary SMART CARD for registered guests only


2.     All sport facilities must be used for the purpose for which they were intended, unless prior approval has been granted by the Director of Sport and Wellness  Center


3.   Users must wear proper sport attires and shoes in all activity areas. Shoes that leave black marks on courts, boots, sandals or open toed shoes are  prohibited in all program areas


4.    Organized activities (events, meetings, tournaments, etc.) in any Sports facility must have a reservation by filling requesting form and must be approved by  Sport and Wellness Center


5.     Eating is not allowed within the compounds of the basketball courts, swimming pool area, multi-sports venue and fitness center area


6.     Smoking and weapons is strictly prohibited in the whole sports facilities


7.     Users exhibiting unsporting behavior and/or using foul language are liable for expulsion from the facilities


8.     Users must look after the cleanliness and well-being of sport facilities (include returning weights, basketball and other equipment back  to its place)


9.     Any damage (e.g. posts, nets, fence, winding gear, fans, lights, wall, etc.) should be   reported to UPH Sport and Wellness Center staff immediately


10.   Users found using our facilities that are not eligible (Non UPH Member) will be expulsed from the facilities


11.   Missing or lost items are not the responsibility of Sport and Wellness Center


12.  By Entering and using Sport Facilities, users have agreed to obey the written regulations. Members found contradicting the above rules may be suspended  from  using sport facilities


III.    Internal Booking Procedure


1.    Block bookings should be made 4 weeks in advance. Late bookings made less than 3 working days will be considered if all requirements are met

2.    Bookings are subject to approval of activities / events by Sport and Wellness Center. Applicants are advised to include the setting up and clearing time into  their bookings

3.    Equipment may not be moved without prior approval from the Sport and Wellness Center. If approval has been given all moved equipment must be returned to its original location

4.   Users must bring the approval requesting form and present to sport facility staff and security during before the events

5.   User is responsible for proper disposal of trash and any damages caused by their use

6.   Sport and Wellness Center has the right to interpret these regulations in the best interest of the University, its students, faculty and staff